have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

I don’t know much
but I do know that
you are not
made of tragedy.
So don’t call this a
train wreck.
Call it technical difficulty.
Call it the wrong stop on
the right path.
Call it almost there.
Call it halfway.
Call it anything but over.
Because you are
no where near over, baby.
This is the way things work
when they are just getting started.
So don’t hop off yet,
Not when you haven’t even seen
where this is going.

Y.Z, Technical Difficulty - rustyvoices (via perfect)


Magic  (by Elle-May Leckenby)


This plate is the only thing which is allowed to tell me how to live my life..


Tay tay is honestly so fucking cute


"its dark im scared"

dont worry bae i got this

*stomps foot*

*sketchers light up*